How to get her wanting to sleep with you

women and men work in office at laptop

I’ve tried everything I can think of… except for this…


Hi I’m RJ, and I’m really close with my female coworker, Anna.

We email each other all day long and eat lunch together every day.

And I’m always going above and beyond for Anna like editing her reports and fixing her printer, buying her coffee in the morning, things like that.

And by now, it should be obvious to everyone in the office, including her, that I am dying to deepen our relationship and go to bed with her.

I mean, why else would I spend all this time with her and go out of my way to do nice things for her?

But so far, nothing’s happened.

We’re just friends and coworkers. And I want us to be so much more.

But nothing has worked for me and I can’t keep chasing her…

So right before I give up on Anna forever, I’m going to try using this sexual lens

Yours truly,