How to enjoy longer, more intense and satisfying O’s

One of these 6 foods can make all the difference

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve stumbled onto a little-known secret for men:

The more semen you produce, the more pleasure you feel during climax.

In fact, when you’re shooting bigger loads, you end up experiencing much longer, more intensely pleasurable O’s!

So how does this work?

Well, the pleasure we feel when we come is actually controlled by muscular contractions…

And these muscular contractions happen to be closely connected to the same “hardware” that controls the release of semen.

So if you extend one…by shooting a much bigger load that takes longer to pass through your body…you extend the other…

Which results in a much longer, much more intensely pleasurable O! Pretty cool, right?

So how can you increase your load sizes and enjoy fantastic, Earth shattering, reality warping O’s on command at any age…?

It really breaks down to boosting certain key minerals and nutrients that the body needs to naturally produce bigger loads.

And the best way to get these key minerals and nutrients is through food!

6 foods for bigger loads and more pleasurable O’s


–Matt Cook