How to boost Oxytocin — the hormone for happiness in the bedroom

Romantic passionate kiss of couple in room.

These fun bedroom activities trigger wave after wave of oxytocin…


Hey, it’s Matt Cook, and I’ve discovered a natural hormone more powerful than serotonin or even testosterone…

It’s called oxytocin and it’s responsible for that addicting, pleasurable feeling you get when you’re intimate with a woman.

And studies show oxytocin even strengthens rockiness in men:

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So how do you boost oxytocin levels for better boners and even more pleasure?

Well here’s the thing — it has to be made naturally in the body…

The supplements are complete crap — trust me, I’ve tried them.

So what I’ve done is come up with a few simple bedroom activities that you can do alone or with a partner…

And these activities get your brain producing more oxytocin, more and more and more…

And it becomes what scientists call a “positive feedback loop” — where the more you do one or more of these bedroom activities…

…the more oxytocin your body makes on its own…

And the more oxytocin, the better!

It’s the “pleasure and happiness” hormone that you just want more and more of.

Here’s how to do my Oxytocin Protocol at home — enjoy!


–Matt Cook



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