How these men are getting sky high T with just 1 bite

This is just a handful of the messages I’ve been getting…

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“Holy sh*t my testosterone is 594. That is incredible after being off TRT for so long and hadn’t started your system.

Last time I think it was almost zero. You the man!”


“I’ve been using your protocols for several years now, and made great progress in general health, energy and even testosterone.

I’m 38 and have a testosterone of 864 in my latest lab test. Go figure…

I never thought this would be possible.”


“My testosterone was in the 400 range… not really healthy for my age, but also not too bad as to justify medical intervention.

After following your protocols, my last test says my testosterone is 756 (astounding improvement!!)”


“I am 58 and right now I am hooking up with a 27-year-old

Before that with a 22-year-old. My testosterone is like 830.”


“My T and libido are really awesome.

My doctor asked me if I was taking anything like a steroid because I was like at almost 1000. I think it was 980.

I assumed that only chemical intervention could make that possible…Those bastards lol.”


“I am 59 and I follow several of your programs.

I just ran a health profile and I LOVE my testosterone results.

The good news is my Total T is 821!”


“Matt, my testosterone levels have risen 600%.

I have shared your emails with several of my friends who are grateful for them, keep it up.”

Here’s how all of these men are getting naturally sky high testosterone with just 1 bite… 


–Matt Cook