How I’m staying healthy in a world full of sickness

Full length portrait of happy african american couple wearing medical face masks

This is what I’ve been doing for over a year to avoid getting sick


Hey, Matt Cook here, and things are getting very tense again…

New mask mandates are going into place…

New jab mandates are being made…

Soon, I fear we will have no real choice left when it comes to our own health.

I mean, just look at what’s going on in Australia…

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They are in full lockdown mode.

They have a 9pm curfew.

There are patrolling soldiers and military drones flying around, policing people who are not obeying the guidelines.

And the guidelines are extreme.

No one is permitted to leave their homes without explicit permission — otherwise you are immediately fined $3,700.

You aren’t even allowed to exercise in your own backyard for more than an hour.

If you need to go to the grocery store, only one person from each household is allowed.

And the grocery store must be within 3 miles of your home.

You also must have a list. If you don’t, you won’t be allowed in to shop.

And these guidelines go for everyone — even the double jabbed.

Can you imagine something like this happening here in the U.S.?

Day by day, I notice the majority of Americans becoming more comfortable giving up certain freedoms…

And I just wonder — when does it stop?

I understand businesses deciding to require masks — but the government?

Why does the government get to tell me where I can and cannot go, and trod on my American freedoms?

If I want to wear a mask, that’s fine. If someone else does, that’s fine.

But don’t tell me I have to wear one. They don’t really work anyway:

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Especially don’t tell me what to do — when I have been staying healthy on my own all this time, using a very simple protocol that is keeping my immune system strong

I’ve discovered a way to help my body naturally resist the virus — like a special defense system for my immunities.

It fights the actual CAUSE of sickness and death — which is not the virus, but the cytokines the body secretes when it senses the virus:

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When the cytokines get out of hand, it creates what scientists call a “cytokine storm.”

And it’s these overzealous cytokines that end up making us really sick and can lead to death.

But if you can control the cytokines, your body can fight off the virus with less severity than a common cold!

So this is how I’ve been staying so healthy — and my wife too.

We’ve been using this natural flu and virus protocol — and if it works for us, it may work just as good for you.

Isn’t it just nice to have a choice?


–Matt Cook



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