How I’m feeling 100x more pleasure and sensation “down there”

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This is a real natural cure to “rockiness” problems that works better than the pills…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I want to tell you about what happened to me when I started feeling less sensation going on “down there…”

I was watching a lot of “those movies” online, sometimes for an hour or more every night…

And I was jerking off a lot and needing to be harder and rougher with my hands to feel anything.

It felt strange, being apart from my wife Jodi, in my study, wanking…

Lonely too.

Then, slowly things got worse with Jodi — I started getting a flat tire down there when we would try to have sex.

Or I would find myself giving it to her hard and fast just to feel any sensation or pleasure down there.

And I wasn’t as stiff or engorged as I used to be.

I wondered, what’s happening to me? Is something wrong?

And then I discovered desensitization, something that happens to a lot of men…

Desensitization is when the brain and the male member stop communicating as well, and the connection between them gets weakened.

This results in less pleasure from sex and less feeling down there overall.

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And I realized that “those movies” make desensitization worse and suck men’s sexual energy right out of them.

So I started figuring out a way to return sensitivity to my member and fix this brain-penile connection.

And the way to do it is to practice these 3 simple solo activities.

You can do these solo activities at home by yourself with or without a partner. And they will rewire your brain-penile connection to be stronger.

And you will start experiencing more pleasure and more feeling return “down there.”

Along with better, more engorged boners that last longer because your sensitivity has returned.

These 3 solo activities naturally fix men’s problems getting “rocky” and even increase the amount of pleasure and sensation he feels below.

These solo activities worked for me and for thousands of other men, and I know they will work for you too.

Discover the 3 solo activities here.


–Matt Cook