How I went from lasting 3 minutes to 30 minutes

This new muscle hack makes it effortless to last longer

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and this is a special message from Josh, one of my guinea pigs who is now lasting longer thanks to a simple muscle hack I discovered. He wants to tell you how it’s working for him. And please note that for privacy reasons, Josh is using a pen name.


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Hey there, I’m Josh– and let me tell you something:

Two months back, if someone said I’d be able to last 30 minutes whenever I want….

…I would have burst out laughing… No, seriously.

But here I am, impressing her (and myself) with this incredible new lasting power…

And I’m finally able to enjoy watching my woman hit her climax during intercourse not once, but twice in one romp

Finally we’re even able to enjoy climaxing together, at the same time…intense waves of pleasure washing over both of us…

And this is all happening because I decided to give Matt Cook’s new muscle hack a try.

Here’s how easy it is to go from lasting a couple minutes… to lasting 30 or 40 minutes every time



(Josh is a pen name)