How I memorized the phone book

One simple powder is unleashing the full power of my brain

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“Of course I remember you! You’re Mr. Harrison Hill of Houston.”

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“If I’m remembering right, Ms. Owens, the nurse, introduced me to you at the Houston medical conference almost a decade ago on Labor Day.

It’s been far too long!

How is little Abbey doing in the magnet school? And how is your wife Ashleigh’s new business venture?”

I normally don’t eavesdrop…but I couldn’t help but look over at the confidence of this young man.

“He’s Dr. Ari Magill, a leading neurologist and clinical researcher,” a friend whispered to me. “And that’s not the most impressive thing he can do…”

And boy, was my friend right…

As we went into the conference hall, one of the organizers was introducing a long line of the guests to Dr. Magill.

When it was my turn, Dr. Magill asked, “Mr. Cook, can you tell me your initials, place of business, and cell phone number?”

I discovered why he asked this when 2 hours later, he picked out every person he met in that line.

He called on each of them by name without making a single mistake.

And he even threw in their business and cell phone number too.

I won’t tell you all the other incredible things Dr. Magill did…

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…except to say that without even a second’s pause, he could repeat back anything a guest told him — once even a lengthy monologue from Shakespeare!

When I ran into Dr. Magill a second time, I was surprised by how modest he was.

“You know,” Dr. Magill said, “anyone can remember long lists of names and faces and numbers just like I can.

Anyone with an average mind can perform the same ‘miracles’ that I seem to do.”

Dr. Magill went on to say, “Just a few years ago, my own memory wasn’t so hot…

“Actually, I had trouble remembering all kinds of things — I was always forgetting the names of my patients or important dates…

“Now I can remember every single patient I meet, even if it’s only for a few seconds.”

“Hold up now!” I said, “You’ve been doing this for years. How am I supposed to do it?”

Dr. Magill grinned excitedly.

“Mr. Cook, you too can have a miracle memory in just 1 day. I know because I’ve seen it happen in hundreds of men before you. I can prove it.”

But Dr. Magill didn’t have to prove it.

Because as soon as I learned his secret, I started experiencing the immediate changes for myself.

And now I never forget anyone’s face or name, and people are blown away by my memory.

I feel so much more confident and it all just comes to me like a flash of lightning.

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–Matt Cook