How I helped my body fight off the virus

Young exhausted man with strong neck ache isolated on white background

Hey, Matt Cook here, and believe it or not, I got the virus.


I got the virus, but here I am now, completely healthy.

I was not hospitalized. I did not have any severe breathing problems.

I just felt crappy for a few days, and some days were worse than others.

Fever, headaches, general body aches and feeling unwell.

But I’m here now to tell you about it. And I think that’s because of what I’ve been doing…

I came up with my own Virus Protocol months ago, to boost my body’s immunities and defenses to the virus.

And I really think it helped. I could feel the high heat of the fever, meaning my body was working hard to kill this thing on its own.

And eventually it did. With help from some supplements and over-the-counter meds I’m taking.

I really think this may help you as well, and it’s free, so no worries there.

Watch this video about my Virus Protocol and how I think it helped me beat COVID19.


–Matt Cook