Here’s why men are more likely to get sick with the virus

And here’s what to do to protect yourself

Hey, Matt Cook here, and you may be alarmed to discover that

70% of all the virus deaths in Italy are men…with similar patterns in China and Asia…

…69% of all the virus deaths in Europe are men…

…and twice as many men in the U.S. have died from the virus compared to women…

These are pretty shocking numbers, especially if you are a man.

Harvard PhD researcher Tamara Rushovich says: “In some states, the mortality rate among men is almost double the rate among women.”

And in layman’s terms, that means a lot more men are dying from the virus than women.

In fact, 2.4 times as many men according to this Frontiers in Public Health study:

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And these are troubling numbers, especially if you’re a man over a certain age.

So here’s what Dr. Fauci and others are NOT saying — why men are getting sicker from these flus and viruses compared to women


–Matt Cook