Here’s what men are saying about my Intenso game

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Guys are lining up to play…here’s why…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and men are LOVING my new Intenso game.

Here’s what one guy wrote to me…

“It starts to feel sooo good, almost as if you’re having an ongoing orgasm without climaxing.

When I finally cum, it is unbelievable! My orgasm is so intense, it almost hurts.

I know that sounds kind of weird, but that’s the best way I could describe it…

I lose control of my body and my hips start gyrating…

…I uncontrollably let out several load moans and groans…

I usually have 7 or 8 solid spurts of cum shoot out when I finally ejaculate, and normally I’m not a massive shooter.

I’d say my orgasm typically lasts for about 20 to 25 seconds. I am almost relieved when it’s over!”

And that’s just ONE testimony from dozens I’m receiving every day from guys playing my new Intenso game.

Want to play? Here’s how it works…


–Matt Cook



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