Here’s the book feminists don’t want men to see

Woman wear silk nightwear addicted to reading novels at night

I still have a few remaining copies


Our longtime friend and sponsor of our newsletter, Richard La Ruina, has copies of this controversial book that shows men how to sleep with any woman they want — but hurry, they’re going fast…


There’s a book online that a ton of feminists have been trying to hide from you…

In fact, it’s so powerful and so against the feminist PC culture of today, even the big publishers decided to drop it.

Because they thought it would get them into trouble with the #metoo movement.

Of course, this book has nothing to do with the #metoo movement and does not teach or suggest men be abusive or harass women.

It shows you how to get younger women…and the feminazis hate that!

Despite the publishers caving in to PATHETIC PC culture and banishing this book from the shelves, you can still buy it directly from the author’s website instead.

And he’s even letting YOU choose how much to pay for it here.


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Did you know heavy weight lifting may be hurting you?

A recent study published in the scientific journal, Cardiology, found heavy weight lifting can be deadly.

This is a critical warning… especially if you’re a man over 40.

Because your “ticker” isn’t young anymore… and has had decades of work and stress.

So it’s crucial you protect it… especially as you age.

This is why so many men are dumping the weights and moving towards body weight exercises.

But most body weight exercises and workout routines lack when it comes to building strength and long last lean muscle mass.

So, how can you add lean muscle, build strength without lifting weights and putting your health at risk?

By adding this ancient Shaolin “lost exercise” — the fastest and safest way to build muscle and strength in minutes


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Most guys think you need to be rich to go home with a stripper…

But frankly, there is nothing that will kill your chances of banging a stripper faster than throwing money at her.

Every guy who wants to get together with her will do that. She doesn’t want (or need) a sugar daddy.

You need to give her exactly what she craves…

This “Domino Effect” will let you date strippers if you want to — or any other young women you are attracted to


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