Here’s the 45 second activity that breathes fat out of your belly

Middle-aged man looking in mirror at his tummy

My version of Thermo 3 is safe and effective — for men who want to sit around eating chips and STILL burn 1800 calories of fat


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I want to tell you about this shocking 1930s experiment for fat loss…

…where men were eating pizza and drinking beer and not exercising at all…

…and still losing POUNDS of belly fat, almost like magic.

It turns out they were using this secret fat burning chemical called Thermo 3.

But it was banned decades ago because it worked too well.

So now men can’t use the old version of Thermo 3 anymore just because a few men abused it.

Mainly because the Big Pharma industry wanted to begin selling men more expensive treatments and Thermo 3 was ultra cheap.

Typical behavior by the FDA and Big Pharma.

They only care about their own profits.

So I’ve been working on a way to mimic the effects of Thermo 3 naturally, so men can burn fat efficiently again…

…so men can go back to eating what we love and not killing ourselves in the gym just to lose a few pounds.

And amazingly, after months of experimenting, I’ve done it!

I’ve discovered a simple 45 second activity that flips this same switch in the body, just like Thermo 3.

See, in every cell are energy producing organs called mitochondria.

Mitochondria conduct cellular respiration — they let each cell live and breathe and create energy.

Cells in muscle contain thousands of mitochondria to help the muscle fibers do their work.

And other cells that don’t need a lot of energy have fewer mitochondria.

But every cell that lives and breathes contains mitochondria.

Mitochondria = life

And substances such as Thermo 3 excite the mitochondria so they burn more fat and create more carbon dioxide.

Thermo 3 creates much more energy consumption in the mitochondria — energy that is burned off into carbon dioxide.

It’s as if you had barrels of kerosene in your living room…you could safely burn it off in your stove.

That’s what Thermo 3 does — it stimulates the cell mitochondria to burn more fat and turn it into carbon dioxide.

And this makes you feel warmer…and suddenly you’re breathing the fat out with every breath you take.

So you can literally sit on the couch and watch TV and burn up to 1800 calories of fat a day, just by exciting the mitochondria.

And that’s how my 45 second activity works — it excites the mitochondria, so they burn more fat.

When I tried this 45 second activity, at first nothing was happening and I thought I had failed yet again…

I expected my weight to fall rapidly. But it didn’t.

Though I did feel warmer, more alert, and if I may speak plainly here, more aroused.

But I wasn’t losing fat.

I started getting really discouraged…

Day by day went by, then a week. Still no weight loss.

But my body temperature was higher — so it had to be working. It just had to.

And suddenly, on Saturday, I knew something was different.

My waistband was a little looser. I could pull my belt in an extra knot.

I hadn’t lost weight, but I sure was thinner.

Slowly but surely, I dropped several pants sizes.

I went from a size 38 to a size 36. And then my weight fell to 175.

Best of all, I started getting really hard, long-lasting rocky ones again!

And my muscles on my arms and legs were visibly bigger — without working out.

(That’s another effect of Thermo 3).

And I realized that my 45 second activity was working!

The proof was in my testosterone levels.

When my lab results came back from the doctor’s office, I could barely believe it…

My testosterone had climbed up to 883! More than 500 points gained.

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Now I was sure my 45 second activity was working, because the body only maintains high testosterone when it has enough energy to supply its other needs.

And because I’m now burning up fat for energy, I have plenty of reserves to keep my natural testosterone higher than when I was a young man.

Now I’m breathing out the fat — it’s really that easy.

And you can use this 45 second activity and breathe the fat out too:

Start burning up the fat and exhaling it as body heat with this 45 second activity that mimics the effects of Thermo 3


–Matt Cook