Here’s my trick to enjoying all the food tomorrow guilt-free

business colleagues serving themselves at buffet lunch in a restaurant

This effortlessly burns fat and turns it into muscle


Hey, Matt Cook here, and tomorrow is turkey day…

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And stuffing day, and mashed potatoes day, and ‘all the most delicious comforting foods you’d ever want’ day.

So who has time to worry about counting calories or fat burning or anything like that?

Just enjoy the day, enjoy the food, and enjoy time with your family.

That’s what it’s all about, and I know I plan on having seconds, thirds, maybe even fourths…

And I know I still won’t gain an ounce of fat, even if I eat all the pumpkin pie on the table.

In fact, I’ll probably gain muscle!

And as crazy as that sounds, it’s actually more than possible thanks to a simple 45 second activity I’ve been doing every morning.

This 45 second activity allows me to breathe out the fat by turning it into carbon dioxide.

It’s a process called mitochondrial uncoupling, and it’s completely real and scientific.

I’ve just made it super easy with this 45 second activity — so any man can use mitochondrial uncoupling to effortlessly burn fat and build muscle.

Try this tomorrow and enjoy the holiday guilt-free.

You deserve it!


–Matt Cook