Here’s how I got rid of terrible pain I was living with

Closeup of mature man with headache rubbing forehead

Have you ever had chronic pain that made you want to end it all?


Hey, Matt Cook here, and for 25 years, I suffered from terrible headaches almost daily.

These headaches made my skull feel like it was going to explode.  And they made my whole body feel horrible.

It wasn’t like I could lie down and let them pass.

They persisted at first for a day, then they got worse and were with me for 3 or 4 days at a time.

And nothing I tried would take the pain away. And I tried it all…

Acupuncture, pills, trigger point therapy, active release therapy, several forms of chiropractic therapy, seeing a neurologist, massage therapy, Rolfing, Egoscue…

Nobody could help me.

I tried aspirin, but it wasn’t strong enough to help much. So…

…I was gobbling down ibuprofens…

But these pain relievers have a lot of really bad effects.

For instance, ibuprofen is very damaging and leads to increased risk of heart attack.

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In this study with 16,000 patients, ibuprofen resulted in a VERY high incidence of congestive heart failure and heart attack compared to other NSAID pain relievers.

Ibuprofen is really quite dangerous.

I didn’t want to keep taking ibuprofen when I discovered these and other studies.

And Tylenol is even worse.

If the Big Pharma wasn’t so powerful, Tylenol and its generic cousins paracetamol/acetaminophen would have been banned as dangerous.

Dr. Aric Hausknect MD, a pain medical doctor, calls Tylenol and its generics “by far the most dangerous drug ever made.”

That’s because, he says, when you take Tylenol or its generics, it converts into a very dangerous compound in the liver:

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So I never recommend Tylenol or its generics. And I would never take them.

So that leaves the opioids…

But opioids are very estrogenic and I’ve never seen anyone regain their health once they are on opioids.

Opioids raise estrogen and even worse, they tank male hormones including testosterone and LH.

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And not only that: opioids increase prolactin, which is very inflammatory and very bad for male “rockiness”.

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So instead of giving in and becoming stuck on dangerous pain relievers, I started looking for another way to treat my pain…

That meant living with the headaches in the meantime, which made research even more difficult…

The headaches take over my world, are felt in my entire body and make it difficult to focus. Sometimes they last 3 or 4 days.

I do want to tell you that I eventually figured out how to prevent the headaches, but that is a story for a different time.

At this point, I’m living with these excruciating whole-body headaches for 25 years.

And despite the pain I push through and keep digging until I stumble onto a body of work from Dr. Rex Newnham.

You’ve probably never heard of Dr. Newnham, and that’s how Big Pharma likes it.

See, Dr. Newnham found this natural remedy to pain back in the 60s.

He studied an extremely simple and cheap pain remedy extensively and experimented on himself.

And he found that his arthritis pain literally disappeared when he used this natural remedy.

So of course, Dr. Newnham gets really excited about his discovery and wants to share it with the medical community…

But no one is impressed. Especially not the pharmaceutical corporations, who hate natural remedies like this…

…because they are cheap and easily available, unlike their medications they sell.

So long story short, Dr. Newnham gets shut down and quieted. They even fine him $1,000 for promoting this natural remedy.

And then they take it a step farther and say this remedy is dangerous!

And they ban it on multiple continents. Pretty crazy, I know.

But sadly, this kind of thing happens all the time. That’s just how Big Pharma operates.

Well I’m really curious about this pain remedy Dr. Newnham discovered…

So I start experimenting with it on myself too.

And amazingly, it stops my headache pain.

After just a few weeks, my headaches are much less frequent, and when they occur, a few aspirin gets rid of them.

But something else happens.

I have like anyone else some aches and pains.

In my case, lower back pain, right knee pain from an old injury, and often my feet hurt.

A few days later and I’m realizing, wow, I don’t feel those old pains anymore. They are quite literally gone.

It’s a miracle.

And as I research this, I’m asking myself, is this safe? Should I be telling you about it yet?

Because obviously, I really want to share this natural remedy with you…

But I’m a little nervous about promoting it because of what happened to Dr. Newnham.

I promise you though that this pain remedy is safe. In fact it’s as safe as ordinary table salt, maybe safer.

People have taken thousands of times the ideal dose, and they recovered just fine. It’s astoundingly safe actually.

Best of all, the price of this remedy is silly cheap. It is within the reach of every person today.

And I know this can be a godsend for you if you like me have any source of constant, chronic pain, arthritis, joint soreness, headaches, or some other pain.

And there’s another terrific angle for men who want higher free testosterone.

I’m feeling more randy, with a higher libido. And my testosterone is a good deal higher.

This discovery is shown to raise free T by 30% on average.

All from Dr. Newnham’s discovery. His persistence in the face of unrelenting hostility from Big Pharma.

In fact, I found that not only is this remedy safe, it’s actually vital for men to be taking it.

It may be like a vitamin that we actually need, and much of our suffering is due to depletion of it in our body.

It may be what’s missing if you are struggling to raise your testosterone.

That’s why I’m going to talk to my publisher today and see how he feels about letting me release this natural pain remedy for free.

I also need a favor from you — can you let me know what’s most important to you:

1- getting rid of pain or 

2- raising testosterone?

Go here to post your answer so I can see it.

This will help me focus the solution I’m working on to better help you and other men.

And you can remain anonymous if you want.

Just let me know what interests you the most about this discovery here on this page.


–Matt Cook