Here are the benefits of high cholesterol (show to your doctor)

happy man eating sandwich at cafe for lunch

This is huge for men’s libido, rockiness, and confidence as a man


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve discovered a secret about cholesterol that Big Pharma doesn’t want doctors — or men — to know about…

For years, cholesterol has been framed as the “bad guy.”

As the reason for heart disease, heart attack, belly fat, diabetes, stroke.

There are whole food commercials devoted to selling you healthy “cholesterol-lowering” foods…

But there’s something they’re not telling you about lowering cholesterol and why you want higher cholesterol for this very excellent reason…

And it is going to flip the script on everything we’ve been told.

Your doc will be stunned at your transformation and he’ll want to know what you’re doing — so he can do it too!


–Matt Cook