Hacking men’s O’s – how to feel pleasure for hours

My wife can have multiple orgasms, why can’t I?

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I wanted to go from sexual lack to total sexual abundance…

I wanted multiple male orgasms every day, any time I felt like it…

And I didn’t want to experience that refractory period, the dreaded hangover men experience following an ejaculation…

Where it ends up taking days or a week or more to recharge my sexual batteries.

And I wanted this to work for bringing endless pleasure to young men, and to older men who may not be able to have sex with their wives or girlfriends anymore.

I wanted this method to provide endless sexual abundance to single men as well as men in relationships.

I’ve been studying sex for many many years, almost 25 years now, and I have seen methods that men used to have multiple orgasms.

However, they are very difficult to learn and difficult to practice. Very stressful.

And the problem is, most men pump, come, and they’re done.

Then there’s that refractory period, where you can’t get rocky again.

And even worse are the hangovers from an ejaculation, days of feeling down and depressed and weakened and drained.

It’s not just men’s imagination. Having an ejaculatory orgasm takes a lot out of a man.

Luckily, I’ve found a way around that!

I have stumbled on a way to have constant sexual pleasure everyday and if you want, all day.

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You can live your life in a blissful state of sexual arousal and constant sexual pleasure.

You can have 20 orgasms a day. There is no limit anymore.

And this method does NOT even require a partner.

I’m calling it Pleasure Centering — I’ll show you how it works here


–Matt Cook