Guys: avoid these 5 small load reasons if you want bigger loads

Sad young women sitting with men on bed in background at home

This is how to go from dribbles to teaspoons


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I receive a lot of messages from men who want bigger loads.

Some of these guys want to shoot out monster loads that paint their wives or girlfriends white…

…and some of these guys are noticing their loads getting smaller and smaller…

So recently, I started a small private class and I’ve been working with these men to study what they’re eating and what they’re taking…

And I’ve been doing a lot of new research into why men might suffer from small loads and how to get them bigger.

And one of the most striking things I found is that there are 5 big reasons why men may be suffering from smaller and smaller loads…and #4 is very serious

What’s more, I also discovered how to naturally take puny loads and double or even triple them in size!

For some men, this has been the difference between producing dribbles and producing teaspoons…


–Matt Cook