Gunther’s legacy

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and my wife Jodi is a big fan of the TV show, Friends.

It used to come on at 8 o’clock Thursday nights and she would insist we had to be home to watch it.

And even if you didn’t watch it, I’m sure you’re familiar with the characters…

Monica. Chandler. Ross. Rachel. Joey. Phoebe.

And the coffee shop guy — Gunther.

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Well just the other day, Jodi tells me that “Gunther” from Friends, has passed away.

And the first thing I think to myself is, wow wasn’t he pretty young?

And he was young. He was only 59 years old.

His name was James Michael Taylor and he died from prostate cancer.

And this is extremely sad to me because there are many things men can do about prostate problems, even prostate cancer, and still live a long, healthy, happy life.

I have come across some extraordinarily simple and natural ways to get rid of prostate problems at home…

And I’ve put each of these discoveries right here in plain language for any man to use.

My goal is to help you avoid the need for expensive and sometimes dangerous prostate surgeries.

And most importantly, help you live to 120 — with great health and even better sexual function.


–Matt Cook

P.S. James Michael Taylor did a lot of work with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to try and help men avoid this same fate…

So in honor of “Gunther,” you can have my Prostate Solution Bible for free today.

May he Rest in Peace.