‘Grow your member’ formula

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Is it safe?


Hey, Matt Cook here, and did I ever tell you the story of how I first discovered the “paint it on and watch it grow” formula?

It was years ago, before I was a full-time health researcher…

I was running my own alarm company with a buddy of mine…

And one day, we have a client who has the biggest house we’ve ever seen.

I’m talking movie-star mansion type digs…

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And the guy who owns it, he turns out to be a retired Colombian drug smuggler named Jose.

That’s right — he’s a living, breathing, Pablo Escobar.

But that’s not even the craziest part of the story…

I’m inside the house installing the last few wires when I hear it…

It sounds like a woman in agony. A woman screaming in pain…

…or is it pleasure?

I instinctively follow the noise and find myself on the other end of the house, just outside a back bedroom…

Here’s what happens next — warning: NSFW and may contain triggers for some men


–Matt Cook


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