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Matt Cook here, and this is a special message from a dear friend of mine, and one of the most brilliant physicians I know — Dr. Ari Magill MD. He’s made a surprising discovery for men who want it all in life — great health, great intimacy, and total confidence as a man…


Dr. Magill here, and nothing is as valuable as having a strong drive.

Women love an assertive man with a strong drive.

And not long ago, I formulated a unique blend of ingredients that help support a strong drive.

One of those ingredients comes from a resin found under the earth.

We test it and make sure it is super clean and has no heavy metals…

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Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and has many pro-libido effects.

I had to look high and low for a supplier of high quality Shilajit, because so many shalajits are high in heavy metals.

The one we are using has less than .5ppm of mercury, lead, and cadmium among other heavy metals…making it very safe. And it tests at over 20% fulvic acid content!

This low heavy metal shilajit that I am using is known as an adaptogen, meaning it can help stimulate sexual function.

In one study, men between the ages of 45 and 55 were given Shilajit and had significantly higher testosterone levels after just 90 days.

Shilajit also improves energy levels which can help a man build more sexual energy and more stamina.

And in this way, it may also help men suffering from premature ejaculation.

…and we are now including it in my new Urgent Libido Assist.

This ingredient, shilajit, joins a cocktail of other pro-libido ingredients like:

Ascorbyl palmitate

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…including “Super C” type of vitamin C that is fat-soluble, making it more potent with longer-lasting effects.

Studies show that vitamin C can help keep cortisol levels low by decreasing stress reactivity in the body.

It’s an important nutrient for the synthesis of hormones men need for a healthy sex drive and it’s been shown to help boost libido this way.

For instance, Biological Psychiatry found it results in more sexual activity — participants in the study went from having sex 4 times a month to 14 times a month.

And in another study, men who supplemented with enough vitamin C greatly improved their semen output.

So I put just the right amount of this special form of vitamin C in Urgent Libido Assist to help promote healthy male androgen levels and better sexual health.

B6 P5P

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Another ingredient I chose for Urgent Libido Assist is B6 P5P, a special active form of vitamin B6 that may help lower prolactin levels in men.

Studies also show it can raise dopamine levels which in turn can lower cortisol levels.

And when prolactin and cortisol levels are low, men can enjoy the libido and sexual prowess of much younger man.

Zinc gluconate

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Testosterone is one of the important male androgens men need in good supply for a high sex drive and great performance in the bedroom.

That’s why I chose zinc for Urgent Libido Assist — it helps raise natural testosterone levels in men.

Zinc also inhibits prolactin production, meaning it stops the body from making too much.

And to make it even more beneficial to men, zinc also helps the body release excess cortisol and prevents cortisol from increasing.

In these ways, zinc may help men reverse and prevent PC Syndrome, so I included just the right amount in Urgent Libido Assist.

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Another key ingredient in this breakthrough solution is eurycoma longifolia, an herb that acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor.

This means that it helps stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen — a great thing for men who want a high drive and proper male function.

Eurycoma longifolia also helps improve libido by lowering prolactin and cortisol levels.

It’s extremely potent in small amounts, so I included just the right amount men need to benefit in Urgent Libido Assist.

And finally, there are two secret ingredients.

They aren’t really secret — they are on the label and made in our FDA inspected facility — but I can’t put them in the email here…too much censorship.

And I want you to get started now — and have enough for several months to really get libido boosted.

That’s why — today only — if you buy more than one bottle, it’s 30% off with free shipping

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–Dr. Ari Magill, MD

Board-Certified Physician