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Man in jeans covers his crotch with hands against black wall.

If you’re a man with a prostate…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I hear from so many men who are suffering from prostate problems…

Men who are waking up 3 or 4 times a night to pee.

Only when they go to pee, barely a dribble comes out.

And that urge to pee doesn’t really ever go away.

So they’re tired from a restless night, and they’re tired of searching for a bathroom everywhere they go.

The guys at work are joking around saying, “Hey Harold, it’s your second office,” as they point to the bathroom.

And what man wants to live this way? I know I don’t…

Not to mention that prostate problems can also morph into sexual problems…

Many men I talk to with prostate inflammation have trouble getting “rocky” and staying “rocky.”

Worse, if men ignore prostate inflammation, “rockiness” problems can turn into full-blown impotence.

And that’s a living nightmare for all the men I know… a life without sex? I don’t even want to think about it!

So I’ve been doing some digging on this problem over the past 20 years…

…and finally, finally finally…

…I’ve connected the dots and…

…I’ve discovered the true cause of prostate problems in men…

Why some men have a prostate the size of a lemon, when it should only be the size of a walnut…

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What’s distracting and misleading is…

…Big Pharma wants you to think that prostate inflammation is from too much male hormone DHT and testosterone.

Some of the “treatment” they give men lowers T and lowers DHT…

…but it destroys manhood AND doesn’t actually shrink the prostate either.

Of course you can get them to cut, snip, irradiate.

But that creates the perfect environment for cancer.

So here is what I found instead, after 20 years of putting the pieces together…

Low testosterone and high estrogen cause prostate swelling and eventually prostate cancer.

The real cause of prostate problems is low testosterone and high estrogen.

Let’s take estrogen first.

There’s this process that goes on in a man’s prostate called aromatization.

And with aromatization, testosterone gets converted into estrogen.

In this diagram, they call it “oestradiol” which is the British spelling for the most powerful form of estrogen: estradiol.

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As we age, our bodies convert extra testosterone to estrogen.

And if we get extra testosterone in the form of injections, patches, or gels or pellets…

…that extra testosterone gets turned into estrogen too.

The body turns any extra testosterone into estrogen.

So testosterone levels are not going up as we get older.

In fact, it’s estrogen levels that continue to climb higher and higher…

…at the expense of our testosterone levels!

And when testosterone drops and estrogen rises, the prostate gets swollen and inflamed…

…and those annoying pee problems start that drive a man crazy during the day and night…

So high estrogen levels are causing prostate problems in men…along with low testosterone.

But there is another hormone that causes the prostate to swell up.


Studies show that prolactin causes prostate inflammation in men:

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Prolactin rises when estrogen rises.

It’s like they are twins.

Twins in making our prostate swell up.

Low testosterone, high estrogen, and high prolactin cause the prostate to swell up, and it leads to annoying prostate symptoms for men.

And if you don’t do anything about it, this swelling can become cancerous.

So here’s where today’s medical world really goes off the rails.

Doctors are never told this.

Big Pharma wants this knowledge to be locked down and forbidden.

The truth about testosterone — the truth is…

Higher testosterone is very good for men’s prostates!

Testosterone can actually protect the prostate from inflammation:

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I think higher testosterone can protect a man against prostate cancer too.

In one study, they drew blood from men who have prostate cancer.

They also drew blood from similar men who did NOT have prostate cancer.

They sent the blood to a lab.

The lab had no idea which of the blood draws were from cancer patients, and which were not.

What they found should have shaken up modern medicine but it was completely ignored.

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They found that whether your testosterone is high or low isn’t an indicator of prostate cancer…

…but higher DHT was super-protective against prostate cancer.

Read that again: higher DHT was super-protective against prostate cancer.

I think that high levels of all the male hormones are very protective against prostate cancer — if you can keep estrogen levels down.

But taking extra testosterone via injections, patches, gels or pellets — that leads to aromatization — aka, more estrogen — and a swollen prostate…

But you see, DHT is the male hormone that CANNOT turn into estrogen in the male body.

So keeping male hormones high and estrogen low is what protects against prostate swelling and prostate cancer.

So with that…what can men do to shrink the prostate back down?

If testosterone alone isn’t enough, what can men do?

Well it seems to me that if men can block the aromatization process, testosterone can increase.

But men still need a way to lower estrogen and prolactin levels too…

…because blocking aromatization isn’t going to produce fast results. Usually it takes weeks or months.

But men don’t want to wait months for their annoying prostate symptoms to go away.

They want relief now!

So I’m working around the clock to find a way to lower estrogen and prolactin levels in men fast.

That way, men can get quick relief and start feeling better.

And meanwhile, as aromatization is blocked, testosterone levels will start to climb, slowly but surely…

And this will help men with shrinking the prostate and protecting against future inflammation.

So if you’re a man suffering from a swollen prostate and annoying pee problems, hang in there!

Because I believe I’m very, very close to coming up with a natural solution.

And while I’m working out the last kinks, check out this short video I made sharing more of my incredible prostate discoveries.

And look out for my next email because I’m hoping to have a natural prostate shrinking solution very soon.


–Matt Cook