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We’ve never done this before…this is very important


I get an email like this, at least 2 or 3 times a day…

(I have changed details just to keep the guy anonymous)

Hey Matt, so what can I do? Here’s the problem…

I dated in the past few years and I’m with a girl and I just can’t get “rocky” and I’m so frustrated.

It will be half up and not quite, and sometimes it’s flat and I try to jerk it to get there, or she goes down on me, but it gets worse.

Sometimes when I come that way (with my hand) it will only be a little fluid, not much…super disturbing.

I’m really frustrated. I’m healthy, 61 years old, no medical issues.

This is freaking me out because there is a very special girl in my life and I don’t want to lose her.


“Flat Tire Jim”


So in my own journey, I was not getting “rocky” and it took a lot on the part of my wife to get up and be able to go in.

And that was kinda disturbing.

This was many years ago and it was going to wreck what was and is a terrific marriage.

I felt that my wife was losing interest and I was losing interest.

A huge breakthrough came when I became a full time health researcher.

So there I am, reading my usual batch of 10-15 medical studies a day, when I come across David Rowland’s research from John Hopkins School of Public Health:

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Rowland has been studying penile sensitivity in men — and what he’s found just blows me away.

See, in this study, men over 50 years old were found to have decreased penile sensitivity…

Meaning — less sensation, less feeling, almost like you’re going numb “down there”…

And this loss of penile sensitivity… it can be as high as 70% less.

That means you’re only feeling 20-30% sensation in your member…

…and this was my experience before I got things back in good working order…

…and clearly it is “Flat Tire Jim’s.”

No wonder so many guys are having trouble getting “rocky” and staying “rocky”…

…or struggling to come… or not getting as much enjoyment out of sex as they used to…

It’s a loss of penile sensitivity…

They hook men’s penis up to a machine, and they use this device to stimulate the penis and see if he feels it.

He doesn’t feel much. At all.

So what’s causing men to lose up to 70% feeling in their member? That is my next quest, my search for the truth.

I know what worked for me…and I know it works for many other men — but for me it took months and was frankly kind of difficult at first.

Difficult for a few months actually.

I wondered, is there a way to short cut what I went through?

I’m feeling every exquisite touch, every whisper of wind, and being inside my wife is much much pleasurable than it EVER was even when I was a very young man.

We both have the most incredible connection, looking deep into each other’s eyes, and it’s a great feeling to have this rod of steel buried deep inside her pleasure tunnel…

…I don’t know how else to put it, you know this is just AMAZING.

You know, nothing like it…

But it wasn’t easy for me to “fix” things when they weren’t working for me.

I had to go through a lot to get here, those years ago.

So how can I make that process of “feeling more” easy…

…how can I help a guy so he feels every whisper of wind and every nook and cranny of his lady’s tunnel of love…

…that exquisite feeling when you are super “rocky” and probing her innermost depths…

And you know that penile feeling and sensation is super important because of another reason.

Whether you feel sensation…or don’t…

…has EVERYTHING to do with why you aren’t “rocky” as you used to get…like Flat Tire Jim.

Here it is in a formula:

Feel a lot = rocky

Feel little = flat

So I’m thinking, how to help guys the way it worked for me, without them having to go through what I went through…

…that way they’ll be rocky AND they’ll feel sensation they’ve been missing for decades…

And then it hits me..

Because here’s a tremendous secret:

Once you feel more, your penis wakes up and you get super rocky.

Yes that’s right.

The reason a guy isn’t rocky is because his penis isn’t feeling much.

Once you fix SENSATION, he becomes ROCKY any time, anywhere, just like he used to at a young age…

And do you know why sensation leads to rockiness?

And that’s when I realized the real secret of this thing…

…that the penis and the brain are connected and that the brain recruits nerve cells to feel pleasure.

The more nerve cells feel pleasure, the more pleasure you feel.

Fewer nerve cells means less pleasure.

And less pleasure means less rockiness.

Because you know, and this is weird, really weird, but true:

The pleasure seems to come from the penis, but it is all coming from the brain.

Yes it’s true:

Pleasure that seems like it comes from the penis is really felt in the brain

If the brain recruits massive numbers of new brain cells to feel pleasure, your pleasure skyrockets.

But if you feel less and less, the brain takes those precious brain cells and turns them on to a different task — and you feel less pleasure.

It’s like this:

Fire up brain cells with pleasure —> more pleasure, as more brain cells are recruited to feel pleasure

Lose sensitivity –> less pleasure, and fewer brain cells stick around to experience the pleasure.

So now I knew what I had to do.

I had to take my method and make it super easy as a way to re-connect the penis and the brain, so that the brain will recruit massive numbers of brain cells to feeling pleasure.

So now my mind is swimming with possibilities…

I’m developing a new way to leapfrog what I had to do to get my penis really feeling things again.

This new method is super easy and fast and pleasurable.

It’s like nothing I’ve taught before.

And each man who has tested it has a huge smile on his face.

It’s killer, and it works for men who have a girlfriend, or who are married, or who want a girlfriend but are single.

And I sat down with Heather and put it all in a simple video and transcript and guys are just freaking out about how well it’s working…

So if you’re interested — shoot me a reply to this email and tell me your situation.

And watch for Wednesday’s email. If I get enough interest, I’ll talk to my family-owned publisher and see if we can release this.


–Matt Cook