Feminists are trying to ban this book

Young Asian woman reading a book in the evening at sunset. outdoor city portrait.

But my sponsor still has a few remaining copies…


Our longtime friend and sponsor of our newsletter, Richard La Ruina, has copies of this controversial book that shows men how to sleep with any woman they want — but hurry, they’re going fast…


There’s a book online that a ton of feminists have been trying to hide from you…

In fact, it’s so powerful and so against the feminist PC culture of today, even the big publishers decided to drop it.

Because they thought it would get them into trouble with the #metoo movement.

Of course, this book has nothing to do with the #metoo movement and does not teach or suggest men be abusive or harass women.

It shows you how to get younger women…and the feminazis hate that!

Despite the publishers caving in to PATHETIC PC culture and banishing this book from the shelves, you can still buy it directly from the author’s website instead.

And he’s even letting YOU choose how much to pay for it here.


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Did you know that many cancers aren’t life-threatening?

Not unless they spread throughout the body…

By now, you’ve probably heard that your chances of surviving cancer are much higher if the disease is detected in its early stages.

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It’s so effective, it’s been patented by an American cancer specialist.

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Do you know the absolute best way to get a woman hooked on you?

By using the most advanced “seχual mastery” product they’ve ever created…

You have some time on your hands now right?

So why not use that time to become a master in the bedroom so that when this quarantine is done you can use what you’ve learned to ROCK a woman’s world.

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