Doing it in the shower – her first time

And it definitely won’t be the last time…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I am getting some pretty amazing messages from delighted women thanks to a shower method I’ve been sharing…

Messages like this one here:

“So my boyfriend and I had shower sex for the first time!

With one leg holding me up, and another pressed firmly on the tile wall of the shower, we went at it.

I was amazed at how easily he could penetrate me this way… without ever slipping out…

Just as I peaked, of course, my foot slipped on the wall… but I took that as my cue to get on my knees.

He finished me off doggy-style, and I swear he felt so much bigger and thicker inside of me…

It sent me over the edge so much faster than usual. I already can’t wait to do it in the shower again!”

Here’s the shower method delighting wives and girlfriends — and giving men a bigger, stronger piston to play with


–Matt Cook