Do this red beet test to see if you have gut problems

Cooking at home.

The easiest way to know


Hey, Matt Cook here, and most men have guts that are way too fast or way too slow.

So I’ve come up with a quick way for a man to test out his gut health at home.

I call it the Red Beet Test, and all you need is some beets.

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Eat them raw or cooked, however you prefer, and then wait to see them pass through your stool.

If it takes longer than 12 hours, your gut is too slow.

If it takes less than 12 hours, your gut is too fast.

And both mean you are suffering from a leaky gut, which is when poisons are spewing out of your gut and into the rest of your body.

But don’t worry — I’ve found a simple fix for both problems and it’s just as simple as the red beet test.

I’m calling it my Clean Organ Protocol, and it will get your gut in great working order (and improve rockiness too)


–Matt Cook