Craig’s experience using the Orbiting Pearl technique

“I never had to pay her again”

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I first discovered the Orbiting Pearl when I was in Thailand, exploring the country (and the girls)…

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And I immediately find a willing woman to try this fascinating Orbiting Pearl technique on… okay, yes I had to pay her…

But I’ll tell you right now, I never had to pay her again… not once for the rest of my trip.

Because as long as I was using the Orbiting Pearl on her, she was there all on her own…

And that’s when I first started to realize the power of this Orbiting Pearl technique…

And when I get back to the States, I’m like a different man.

I use the Orbiting Pearl on my ex-girlfriend, Sarah, and suddenly she wants to get back together.

She’s calling me, texting me, showing up at my house…

She’s desperate to be with me, even though she’s the one who dumped me just a few months ago!

Completely crazy… and all because of this one technique…

Your friend,


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