Can’t last more than 3 minutes in bed — help!

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Terribly embarrassing

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and when I was a teenager and discovered masturbation, it was always a hurried, quick thing…

I was worried my mom would discover me, so I just wanked quickly.

I guess I trained myself to finish quickly and so when I started meeting girls, I would finish really fast.

It seemed natural to me, but increasingly became a problem especially after I started dating Jodi, who is now my wife.

I’d go through periods of rockiness problems, then I’d spill my wad as soon as I entered Jodi.

She pretended it was okay, but it really wasn’t.

I got over that, but then later on — when I started intensively doing sex and health research…

I started having many guys, first a few, then dozens, then hundreds and now tens of thousands…

…who complain that they can’t last more than a few minutes upon entering a woman.

Supposedly you can use numbing gels. Or thick condoms. Or SSRIs.

Or mind exercises.

But for most men these don’t work. Nothing works.

And in this email I’ll show you WHY it hasn’t worked, the true reason for PE, and what actually works.

Important note

Brief side note here… in the old days, before video porn, before the internet, a boy would grow up into a teenager, and he’d have no sexual experience to speak of.

So on his wedding night, he would be so excited that as soon as he got his penis near his bride’s female bits, he’d spill his seed.

That would be embarrassing…

…but hey, he’s young, he’ll become rocky again in a few minutes, and they’ll have intercourse again and after a few times he’s learned to last.

But over eagerness WAS the (easy to fix) problem in the old days…

But over eagerness is NOT the cause of today’s huge PE problem.

Today, 30% of ALL men suffer from PE — and they don’t get help fixing it…

…because all the supposed solutions only work on the OVER EAGER PE guy of the old days, not today’s men…

Today, most doctors think that premature ejaculation (PE) is caused by too much sensitivity in the penile nerves.

Basically, the common belief is that the male member feels TOO much, and that’s why men come so soon.

So typical medical treatments for PE include nerve ablation surgery, where they inject something that kills off the nerves in your member.

Or there’s Botox to temporarily numb the penile nerves for a while, so you don’t feel anything down there.

Or they give you Prozac or other SSRIs, which eventually work, but are very harmful and cause you not to feel the loving feelings and connection as you should.

And maybe you’ve tried and thrown out countless numbing agents like creams and gels that are meant to desensitize men “down there” so they can last longer.

But here’s my issue with these medical treatments for PE…

I don’t believe PE is caused by too much sensitivity down there.

In fact, I know it’s not true.

I’ll prove it to you right now — and you’ll finally have the solution you can use yourself.

Remember, contrary to what the so-called experts say…

PE is caused by a LOSS of sensation in the penile member.

How can this be?

How could it be a LOSS of sensation when everything we’ve discussed for PE guys is about REDUCING sensitivity — with surgery, condoms, or numbing gels for example.

Well why don’t these things work? Why doesn’t surgery, or condoms or numbing gels work for most men?

Because the man with PE is suffering from a LACK of sensation. He feels almost nothing down there.

So what happens when you are making love to a woman and you aren’t feeling anything?

Faster, more intense, right? In order to feel something, you naturally go more intense, and faster.

And of course you spill your load. Anyone would.

And this is what happens to PE guys.

They are in the “faster more intense” mode during intercourse — and their muscles around the penis and prostate tighten up.

These are the pelvic floor muscles — very tight in a PE guy.

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And I have concluded that THIS — tight pelvic floor muscles — is what is causing PE.

And it’s why it’s so difficult to fix, and why my research will pay off for you.

Let me explain…

I started researching PE and reading medical studies about men who suffer from this…

…and I found that 80-90% of men with PE have overly tight pelvic floor muscles.

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The pelvic floor muscles are below the testicles and below the scrotum… clench up like you’re trying to hold in a bowel movement and you will feel them.

You’ll also feel these muscles when you hold back a stream of urine, or doing a kegel exercise. That involves the pelvic floor muscles.

Well every man’s pelvic floor muscles tighten up right before he’s about to come. It’s an automatic reflex.

But for a man with PE, the pelvic floor muscles are tight all the time.

So when you suffer from PE and enter a woman, you come really fast because your pelvic floor muscles are already really tight.

It’s not the man’s fault. It’s just this automatic reflex that men can’t control.

And for some men, this biological reflex is too strong and it causes the pelvic floor muscles to remain tight all the time.

And none of the typical medical treatments for PE do anything about this reflex.

So now I’m getting excited because I’ve discovered the root cause of premature ejaculation.

It’s this biological reflex men can’t seem to control that makes them finish too fast.

And now I just have to discover a way to hit the override switch, so to speak.

Meaning, I need to find a way to override this biological reflex to ejaculate so quickly…

And to make a long story short, I’ve done it. I’ve found the solution.

And I’ve been getting a lot of emails from men suffering from PE who are desperate for a solution.

Many of these guys have even tried the medical treatments, but found no relief.

So I want to share my method for fixing this PE problem with all the brothers who get my newsletter — a brother such as yourself.

My method is uber simple. Based upon proven research — but really, really easy.

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In this study:

“Of the 122 participants who completed PFM rehabilitation, 111 gained control of their ejaculation reflex.”

And in this study, they used biofeedback and repeated visits to a clinic to get these results.

However, with my natural PE solution, you don’t need ANY of that.

And even if you don’t suffer from PE, but just want to last longer — this is for you too.

I just don’t want to make any man have to pay for this PE solution.

Because look, I’ve been through it myself and I know how awful it is. I just want to help.

But the thing is, I have to clear it with my publisher first…

And our family-run business makes the final call over whether or not I can give something away for free.

What would really help convince him is if you go here and leave me a brief note about how you want this and how it may help you.

So please, go here and leave a brief message if you are interested in this solution.

And then check back in a day or so — if this gets enough interest, I will be able to share this PE solution for free.


–Matt Cook