Blood pressure problems — and rockiness issues — go together

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This is what to do if you are taking these for blood pressure and you aren’t satisfied with your “rockiness”…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and have you seen this new blood pressure warning?

This super common blood pressure treatment is now being recalled after causing terrible “rockiness “problems in men…

And here’s the truth of the matter — it’s not just this treatment giving men “rockiness” problems…

…it’s almost every other blood pressure treatment on the market!

But this is something you won’t hear about from your doctor…

Because they are paid to obey the rules set by Big Pharma — prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.

When a treatment gets recalled like this one, it will just get reformulated under a different name.

In fact, you may not even know that the blood pressure treatment you’re taking right now is dangerous.

And that’s exactly why I’ve made this quick video about all of the most dangerous blood pressure treatments, so you know what to watch out for.

And you’ll also find a natural method for lowering blood pressure, so you can get off the dangerous treatments with your doctor’s blessing.


–Matt Cook



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