Banned because it made men thin

Man with a muscular body measuring his abs - lose weight series. Isolated on white background.

This natural fat burner threatened to make all diets and exercise obsolete…so they banned it!


Hey, Matt Cook here, and in the 1930s, an extraordinary medical experiment let men naturally replace belly fat with muscles, improve male “rockiness”…

…and live decades longer than they would have otherwise.

In this experiment, the doctors give a group of men a mysterious chemical called DNP.

And the men taking it soon start telling the doctors things like, “I’m warmer. I have more energy.”

“I feel like I could run around the block without breaking a sweat.”

“My pants are looser! I had to take my belt in a few notches.”


“I’ve been getting the most intense boners. They last forever, and my wife loves it.”

But then…the door was shut on this experiment with nobody new allowed in…until now…

In 2019, a new door has opened, and now any man can get all the benefits of DNP with one simple and natural activity…

But there’s no telling when this door will slam shut again…so you’d better act quickly…


–Matt Cook