AI intimacy is coming

Is it bringing us closer or driving us apart?

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I came across this essay about young men and women today (Gen Z)…

And it paints a really bleak outlook for young people in regards to physical intimacy…check this out:

“Most of us never knew falling in love without swiping and subscription models.

We never knew having a first kiss without having watched PornHub first.

We never knew flirting and romance before it became sending DMs or reacting to Snapchat stories with flame emojis…”

It goes on and on, and it’s so depressing! No wonder there’s a declining birth rate.

And now we have AI that promises to deliver whatever a person has a predilection for — anything goes, other than real sex and real intimacy.

In a word: sex bots.

And it makes me feel really bad for young people today…

Because physical intimacy and love is everything in life.

The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, for the human race to move out of this predicament is for us older folks to set the example.

We need to show our sons and daughters the satisfaction and connection that is not possible with AI or machines.

And that brings me to this:

I hope you will join me in having a real loving intimate physical relationship with a woman today and for decades to come…

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–Matt Cook