1930s method lets men “breathe” the fat out as carbon dioxide

Young slender women doing overhead squat exercise during group training in gym.

It sounds crazy, but the science doesn’t lie…


Hey, Matt Cook here, it’s shocking to me that most doctors and scientists say it’s impossible to burn fat without exercising…

Just look at this study result from the 1930s, for an “average” man’s loss of fat:

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In 14 days, most of the men were down 14 pounds.

And by day 30, another 10 pounds.

Their fat was just melting away, and being replaced by firm, strong muscles.

And this wasn’t unusual, it was TYPICAL.

These men did NOT diet, they did NOT exercise…

They ate what they wanted and never even felt hungry anymore.

But today, doctors and scientists tell you that it’s “impossible” to lose weight without strenuous exercise and starvation dieting.

So, this got me hitting the books… I needed to find out how to burn that fat safely…

The key is to recognize that the body is always burning fat 24 hours a day, seven days a week…

Every cell burns fat at rest.

The average male body burns about 1800 calories per day of fat, even if the man does not get out of bed.

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You can actually eat as much as you want and never go hungry and you still lose weight automatically…

…if you can simply get the body to burn the fat that’s already there…

When I tried this 1930s method, I began losing a few pounds a week. 

And I never let myself ever get hungry.

I found this the easiest way of burning fat ever… it’s as easy as “breathing” the fat out.

No more cutting calories.

No more counting carbs.

And no more skipping meals.

Here’s the 1930s method that lets you “breathe” the fat out.


–Matt Cook