1 thing Dick Van Dyke is doing to live to 100

Happy mature couple laughing joyfully, lying in bed together.

This is setting him apart from other men his age


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’m a big fan of Dick Van Dyke.

Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the original show with Mary Tyler Moore, so many great roles…

…and did you know he recently turned 95 years old?

And look at him — he’s the very picture of great health!

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He’s still dancing and singing and doing sit-ups in the backyard.

And he just told CBS This Morning that he’s looking forward to turning 100… that he plans to continue living this way for as long as humanly possible…

And you know what he says the secret is?

“The point is to enjoy,” says Van Dyke. “You have to pick what you enjoy doing, what fulfills you, what interests you…”

And you know what interests me?

Spending intimate time with my lovely wife, Jodi.

I want to be able to make love to Jodi every day for the rest of my life, even when I’m 100 and beyond.

I’m enjoying being close to her, spending hours in bed together, and just cuddling on the couch…

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This is how I’m enjoying my life today, and I believe it’s the secret to staying in great health and being truly happy and in love every day until 120.

And I think every man should be living this way.

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–Matt Cook