Why Men Go Soft (Sex God Transformation)

Why men go soft

Men go soft in the middle of sex and it’s not their fault.

The reason men go soft is due to desensitization.

Here’s how desensitization works

You feel less and less as you get older.

This can happen to men in their 20s if they overuse porn, fantasy, and masturbation.

But it happens almost all men by the time they’re in their 40s or 50s.

Desensitization results in a loss of communication between the brain and the penis.

The brain is actually where you feel pleasure, but the brain cells responsible for feeling pleasure are simply not there anymore.

They’re gone.

And now because of desensitization, you feel hardly anything in your penis…and so your penis simply goes soft in the middle of sex due to the lack of feeling.

What men do in order to combat desensitization is to be more vigorous and more rough.

But that just makes the desensitization worse.

And drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra make the desensitization worse and worse even faster.

Going soft in the middle often leads to not being able to get hard at all.

I found this amazing video that shows you exactly how you can use a two second trick to re-sensitize your penis and feel more than you have felt since you were a teenager.

This is the end of problems going soft in the middle of intercourse.

You won’t be worried or anxious anymore.

You won’t feel the need to test or see what’s going on down there.

You’ll stay rock hard and you’ll know it with complete 100% confidence.

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