Little Known Facts about Performance Anxiety (Sex God Transformation)

Performance anxiety –how to fix it with this 2 second technique

Performance anxiety makes you go soft. Or it prevents you from getting hard.

And once it starts, it gets worse and worse. It’s insidious because the more you try to avoid it, the worse it gets.

We all know because we’ve all been there. When things stop working, the anxiety itself can interfere and cause erectile dysfunction.

It can cause us to go soft in the middle of sex. Just the concern and worry that our penis is going to go soft, and cause it to go soft.

Or, if you’re going to bed with a girl, it can prevent your penis from getting hard at all. Just a worry and concern that you won’t get hard and cause you not to get hard. It’s a crazy thing, the self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it?

It also lets me last as long as I want. I found this amazing video that shows this to second technique and how to last as long as you want and feel more and more and more pleasure and sensation.

Click for the video

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