Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We offer three types of products: 1) monthly newsletters mailed to you, 2) digital products that are downloadable or viewable or listenable online, and 3) monthly membership programs (for instance, Alpha Lions).

  1. Monthly newsletters - simply email our helpdesk at [email protected] and we will cancel your subscription in accordance with the terms agreed-upon when you purchased.
  2. Digital products are refundable within 60 days upon request. Simply request a refund through our helpdesk at [email protected]
  3. To cancel Alpha Lions please go here. Alpha Lions provides 70+ hours of content, weekly live coaching calls, monthly master classes, and email support. Due to the nature of Alpha Lions, it can be canceled at any time but any amounts paid already are non-refundable. To cancel go here

Refunds will usually be processed within one business day. They may take 3 - 5 days to show up on your credit card statement due to your bank’s procedures.


  1. I have my credit card bill in front of me and I do not recognize some of the charges on it. Help me to find out what these charges are for, from your company, please.
    01/07 Ref.# 9132 for $9.00
    01/15 Ref.# 2378 for $67.00
    01/21 Ref.# 4848 for $79.00
    I would like to know what these charges were for, because as of now I do not recognize them and I seek refunds for them unless you can call me to tell me what they are for? Thanks, John C McCombs 859 699 6027

  2. Hi I received a $99 charge on my Master Card on 12/28/2020. I received a free book but do not recall what the charge on my card was for. Please explain what I was signed up for and how to arrange a refund. Thank you
    Randall Verbeke

  3. Hello,

    What’s the difference betwen your “Sex God Transformation” program and your “Bigger Badder Better” program with regard to ED?


  4. I have a charge on my Amex on 15 Feb for $49 from you guys. I don’t recall getting anything, or in fact, ordering. Please inform me of what it is I was charged. Thanks. I’ll call you after I get a reply from you.

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