Getting great erections through the power of intention

Welcome to the path of what I call sexual prosperity.

Many men are rich. But few men are sexually prosperous. Few men have as much sex as they want, sex with connection and sex that gives the most amazing pleasure.

I’m going to show you the path from where you are, to sexual prosperity. It took me many years, decades even, to find this path and then refine it with thousands of men participating.

What you are getting now is the actual path that to sexual prosperity that is proven to work.

I know you want this. And to help you get to what you want, I want to get you onto this path.

And that starts with a decision “I’m going to take this path.”

So I’m going to invite you to go on this path with me, and in this report I’ll spell out why you should go with me, where it will take you, and what the steps are on the path.

Briefly: why take this path to sexual prosperity.

Warning: It’s not like taking a magic pill

Pills don’t work for very long. Sometimes Viagra or Cialis or Levitra work for years, but gradually they stop working.

Other times, the pills work, but they give a guy a flushed feeling or side effects.

And other times, guys say “I want to be spontaneous. I don’t want to plan in advance whenever I’m going to have sex.”

And still other times, for 40% of guys, the pills just don’t work.

I wish there was a pill that really worked for everyone.

Perhaps the worst thing about the pills is that they continue the core cause of erection problems. The problems get worse but the pills disguise the problem. And one day, the pill that worked, doesn’t work anymore.

My path is not a pill. It doesn’t work instantly either.

This is ONLY for guys who are willing to do what it takes. Who aren’t looking for an instant fix, who aren’t taking the easiest way out (a way that doesn’t work anyway).

If you’re happy injecting a syringe into your penis, or relying on Big Pharma, this path isn’t for you.

This path is for you if you have often felt that your sexual being is core to who you are. That being a man means fixing things, moving towards goals, making things better. And if you are a man willing to follow a long term plan that works instead of an instant fix that doesn’t.

Because my path isn’t an instant fix.

It’s like working out

My path has results but they accrue and accumulate over time. You work out once, you don’t get results except sore muscles. You work out over days, weeks and months, and you get great results.

My path is more like working out. It gets great results but you need to follow the path and keep doing the program.

My program involves giving up on masturbation, fantasy, porn and what I call sexual triggers. That is tough to give up. It is very tough. How long have you gone in your life without masturbation? I never went more than a week before I started this, since age 10.

Once you start on this path, you’ll want to quit. It is very hard especially at first. And most guys will relapse. They’ll give up on it for awhile, and then start back on.

I think I will give you the path now, so you know what is in store if you decide to join me.

The nine stages of sexual abundance

Stage 1 – quick results

You’ll begin by following two of our most life changing and simple recommendations…and you’ll feel better. Some guys report they feel great. They get erections sometimes. They get morning wood sometimes. They feel more horny and more attractive…

Stage 1 is important because “the journey begins with a single step.”

And now you rapidly move to Stage 2…


Stage 2 – flatlining, feeling blah, wanting to give up already

At this stage, all the gains fall apart. Your dick feels dead. Your mood falls. You feel more down, maybe even depressed, and life is like going through the motions.

I wish I could tell you that it is possible to avoid Stage 2, but I don’t think it is.

I’m always going to be honest with you. Stage 2 sucks.

It can last a few weeks or a few months. Fortunately, you can move to Stage 3 even while you’re struggling with Stage 2…it doesn’t stop you from moving forward in most cases at all…


Stage 3 – relationships start to radically improve

If you are in a relationship, for some weird reason it gets better. Maybe there is no sex yet, but it gets better. A lot better. Hugely better.

The enemy of relationships is neediness and desperation, and even though it’s early days yet, the neediness and desperation start draining away from your life.

You don’t have to do anything special to make this happen — you just begin observing how much more secure you feel already.

If you are looking for a girlfriend, girls begin to eye you, give you flirty signals, and you find yourself responding. Even shy guys find that girls are approaching them and they feel more attraction from women and more initiating behavior from women.


Stage 4 – sensation begins getting better and better

At some point you will realize that you haven’t felt much in the way of sensation for a long time. I call this numb dick because I like simple terms that spell it out.

Numb dick is what you’ve been suffering for maybe decades without knowing it. Poor masturbation habits, porn, fantasy, sexual triggers, health issues…all these contribute to causing numb dick.

You don’t realize how little you’ve been feeling until Stage 4 when it starts coming back. I recommend everyone who is following my path (which is called the Cook Protocol by the way) focus first on sensation as they experience things coming back.

Erections might not be better, but at this stage, they may not improve. But what improves first is feeling, sensitivity, sensation.

If you are a guy who has been suffering from premature ejaculation, you’ll find that the same holds true for you — what the experts didn’t tell you is that your problem is also one of reduced sensation and sensitivity. Oddly enough, when you focus on sensation you can last longer.

And for guys who grind away without coming, who suffer delayed ejaculation — they begin feeling more and more in their penis and in their whole bodies.


Stage 5 – erections begin getting better

If you have faithfully followed my Cook Protocol at this stage you will begin experiencing better erections. Spontaneous woodies. Erections that last a longer and longer time.

Now, this won’t necessarily happen with masturbation erections. It isn’t supposed to. It will happen with real women, real girls you are exposed to, and it will happen when sex is on the table. Which is nice!


Stage 6 – confidence with other guys begins to improve, a little at first, then a lot

Here you begin gaining massive confidence with other men. You look them in the eye and they look away. They respect you more, sometimes even fear you a little.

You notice small changes at first…when you walk into a room you get more respect. You can feel it…and if you are starting a business or working on your own you draw clients to you more easily. You just know it’s working.

You begin noticing that you are naturally using a slightly deeper but much more masculine and commanding voice.

You hear yourself talk and it sounds like “the new you” not the old you.

It’s amazing how you find that things are yours for the taking — not taking in a selfish way, but taking in a way that others go “yes, yes, take it, it’s yours, you deserve it.”

You begin realizing people WANT you to take charge, and you want to take charge too. This is what I call the “perks of leadership” and they are yours for the taking now…


Stage 7 – new powerful direction in your life

In Stage 6 you will feel more goal driven, more loaded with purpose and direction. Maybe before you were living in fear of missing out, and incapable of any major decisions without constant second-guessing yourself.

Now that is changing…you feel yourself more like a weathervane pointing in the direction of the wind. You are focused now, narrowly pursuing something that you know you want. It was there all the time — why didn’t you see it and act on it with the purpose you have now?

The past is the past, now you are taking directed focused action and ANYTHING, literally anything, feels possible.

Where was this purpose and direction all this time? It was buried in your loss of masculine male power. Now it’s bright and alive burning in you all the time. You feel it all the time.


Stage 8 – you experience 30 or 60 minute sex at any time you want

Now you are having sex for 30 minutes or longer, whenever you want. And as you go through Stage 7, you find that you feel more and more sensation. It develops more and more over months. Within 6 months of Stage 7, you will find you look back and wonder at how little you used to feel.

The connection you feel is something else. It’s not “just sex.” This is powerful connection with your woman.

And if you are a “several woman man” (most men aren’t), you maintain this connection with several girlfriends, without drama and without stress. You find it easy to be impeccably honest and you aren’t trying to tell any girl what she wants to hear anymore.

If you are in a relationship, your connection makes the sex so incredible as to be hard to believe.

You are learning how to bring the pleasure up into your whole body. The pleasure now during the 30 or 60 minutes is more than it used to be when you were experiencing orgasm. It’s that good. It’s so good that you don’t want it to ever end.


Stage 9 – massive abundance in the rest of your life

Now, because you have sexual prosperity, material prosperity becomes yours. Our sex drives are so key that when we unblock our sexual center this way, the world powerfully rearranges itself to bring us all sorts of good things.

You may at this point have a girlfriend or maybe you’re still married. Either way you are totally attracted to your woman in a way you never experienced before. And this attraction grows and grows and never ends until your last moment on earth.

It’s this strong attraction to her, and this strong drive you have, and focus, that all comes out of sexual abundance and sexual prosperity.

That’s the 9 Stage Path, what you will be on, if you accept my invitation to join me.

But like always, there is a price you have to pay if you join me.

The price is to follow my Cook Protocol as faithfully as you can. That means no masturbation, no porn, no fantasy, no sexual triggers…and it means practicing my solo activities that bring things back.

The men who succeed are the men who remain engaged with me and others in this path. If you’re out on your own, alone, and not engaging with me and other men, your chances of success are very small.

The successful men remain engaged because this becomes front and center the most important part of their life.

I promise you that I will never ask you to do something that you can’t do. It will always be possible. But what you will supply is action.

There are two kinds of men in this world: Action takers and couch potatoes

You are one or the other. You take action, or you don’t. I can’t make you take action. I can provide you the path, and engage with you so you stay on it, and help you through it. But only if you actually work at it.

I am sorry that I can’t promise you a magic pill. We already went over that. So you will have to work at it. You will have to ask yourself, am I willing to take action on this path?

But if you don’t…

These sexual problems usually always get worse and worse..

Men who have occasional problems find that the occasional becomes frequent.

Semi hard becomes soft.

Flaccid once becomes flaccid all the time.

It’s all because you are still doing the things that are leading to the problem being worse. You are doing it unintentionally, without knowledge of what you are doing, but it is the things you are doing that make it worse.

There are millions of men who have this problem and it is getting worse and worse. They are eventually going to follow the Cook Protocol, but why shouldn’t you be one who does it now rather than a year from now? Think about how it will be a decade from now, when the problem is even worse?

And I know you are someone who wants proof

I can’t prove it will work for YOU. But I can prove it works if you follow the path. I can prove it because I can show you what others have done. And I can show you results that will keep you focused on your path.

[proof video here]

It starts with intention

Here’s where you probably are. You aren’t getting good erections. Or you go soft once inside. Or you have premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation problems. Perhaps you feel your testosterone is low.

Now, where do you want to go?

What kind of man do you want to become?

I’ve helped over 12,000 men like yourself go from where you are to a place where sex is easy and automatic. A place where they are more attractive to women. A place where they can have sex for 30 minutes or an hour whenever they want.

But all these men had to do one thing. They had to decide on this path.

My path is not an easy one. But then you are not a man who demands everything be instant, easy and free. You wouldn’t be here if you were that kind of man.

So, what you have to do now is decide:

1. I am going to follow this path and see where it leads…I am going to stick to the Cook Protocol and get better.

2. I am going to move on and not do anything. I am going to just hope and pray the problem gets better, or try one more supplement, or one more pill, or keep taking the shots, and hope it all works out.

What is your choice?

And what if you’re saying…

“I’m skeptical…show me the proof”

It’s healthy to be skeptical about some things, such as a pill or supplement.

But if you are skeptical about my Cook Protocol, then you are not likely to succeed.

It will be a long time before the drug companies allow any real research to be done on the Cook Protocol.

It will happen eventually — but it won’t happen for another decade or two.

Meanwhile, don’t you want sexual prosperity? The key is to commit right now and decide on this path for yourself.

You have to decide to commit totally and completely.

Because as I already explained to you, the path is not easy — and if you are already skeptical you won’t want to bother because you will become discouraged almost immediately.

Then, you will be right back to where you are now. Except a day older. And things will be a little worse.

So I highly recommend you go into this with 100% intention to stay on this path. Expect it to get difficult. And right now, close your eyes and commit. Say “I am staying on this path. I can get sexual prosperity for myself simply by staying on this path. I WILL stay on this path. I am already on the road to sexual prosperity and prosperity in every area of my life.”

And now, if you are ready for this path, go here.