An open letter to men who want to last 30 minutes or longer, on how to stop disappointing their woman (from a man who was lucky enough to have figured it out)


For most men, sex is a matter of cum and done. The average sex act involves maybe some quick oral sex, then the guy sticks it in, pumps a bit, comes and rolls over and goes to sleep.

The trouble is that sex starts with a man’s erection and ends when the man cums. It is quite centered around the man and his abilities and present state.

Because once a man cums, he and his woman has to wait a bit before he can go again.

In one study, couples said their sex lasts 3 – 13 minutes, with 3 to 7 minutes listed as “adequate” by many of the respondants.

But what of the woman in this type of “cum and done” male-centered sex? She was just warming up because women take a lot longer to get aroused than men do.

Today’s conventional sex doesn’t leave much time for a woman to get aroused and to reach her peak sexual potential.

Did you know that all women can have multiple orgasms?A woman simply needs to have a man who knows how to help her get there, a man who lasts long enough to deliver and who understands the woman and her sexual needs.

But with male-centered “cum and done”, unless you’re 20 years old, you may have to wait an hour or more. And by then you and your woman has moved on to other things.

The woman is thinking at this point about the kitchen that needs to be cleaned up. Or the kid she has to check on. Or a million other things that go on in a woman’s multi-tasking mind.

No wonder most women are secretly disappointed when they have this type of sex. Very disappointed.

But the man will never know how disappointed the woman is.

She’ll never let on, even to herself, because she wants to make sure her man is happy. So a man never realizes how often he lets his woman down.

And this goes on time after time for years until for many women it just becomes too disappointing, too frustrating, and the woman shuts down and stops wanting to have sex at all.

This is all totally unnecessary because if a man knows what he is doing he can last and last, and help a woman have orgasm after orgasm. The woman worships a man who can deliver this to her. Because it is so rare in the world today.

Meet Joseph, an average man who knows how to give a woman multiple orgasms

stock-footage-portrait-of-young-happy-man-in-the-cityJoseph is a man who knows the secret of pleasing a woman. He lasts a long time and helps her through his technique so she can have multiple orgasms.

Joseph has an easy way of moving when you watch him. He seems to take up a lot of space. He looks women straight in the eye and there is this silent understanding. She knows that Joseph is a man who will deliver what he promises.

Joseph finds women almost throw themselves at him wherever he goes. And men respect him instinctively, even fear him. They can tell he is a man who satisfies a woman like they wish they could but are afraid they’ll never be able to.

If you want to be like Joseph, if you seek the ability to please a woman in the way she secretly wants, then read this entire article.

My name is Matt Cook and I’ll tell you now five ways you can transform from the man you are today to the man who physically and spiritually delights his woman.

She’ll see your promises just by looking into your eyes and she’ll know that you are going to totally pleasure her. You’ll have that confidence that women can easily read, confidence alone that can make a woman wet.

My method works even if you’ve had premature ejaculation, even if you suffer occasional ED or often have ED, even if you are ready to write sex off as something that you will have to learn to do without.

Once you master lasting 30 minutes or more, you become a new man in every way.

I’ve had remarkable prosperity in my entire life since I’ve learned these simple skills.

Sex has gone from something we do twice a week to something we often do every day, and my woman has a glow about her that other women and men notice. She is truly satisfied and loves me all the more for it.

I didn’t always have these skills. At one time I was like everyone else. I didn’t realize there was a problem until our sex life gradually got more boring and more routine. I turned to porn in an attempt to regain some excitement and that didn’t help at all.

Even if you’re a guy who is single, you know how you may or may not hook up with a girl and it will possibly be quite disappointing.

Lots of times the promise of great sex is just a promise. And even if you have great sex, that doesn’t last after the first 6 months or a year because you become used to each other and the hormones wear off.

At that point you have a choice to make.

You can let things go on and become more routine and boring, until one or both of you turns completely off.

Or you can resolve to figure out the solution to this stagnating sex life.

It was on a major birthday for me. We were going out to dinner. What I really wanted wasn’t to have dinner at a fancy restaurant. I was looking at my clothes in the closet wondering what jacket to wear when it hit me. I wanted my clothes off, and hers too, and that’s all I wanted. I didn’t care about anything else.

Sex for a man is supremely important, more important than business and personal success. In fact many men will lift weights and run in order to get into shape. Why get into shape? Because they want to attract the women.

Other men will spend 14 hours a day at the office to bring in the money. And why bring in all that money? So they can attract the women.

And when you come right down to it, why attract women? It’s to have a loving companion and that means having great sex.

Don’t fool yourself.

If you were having great sex every day, for 30 minutes or more, wouldn’t you already consider yourself a big success? Why go on the hamster wheel of success when you can have everything you want right now?

And you can have it all. Having sex every day for 30 minutes or more helps make you a confident prosperous man. You will find everything is easier to achieve. The struggle is over. Life becomes a more relaxing and comfortable journey.

So there I was, on that birthday, in the evening. Looking into my closet, wishing that I could be having great sex every day and not the twice a week almost-chore it had become.

So I made my big decision.

I closed the closet door and made a major important promise to myself that I intended on keeping no matter what it cost.

I was going to find out the secret of pleasing my woman in a way that I had never pleased her before. And if it didn’t work out with this woman, I’d never again have a woman in bed with me and not know what I was doing to give her multiple orgasms and last and last.

I began a search through every Taoist Chinese and Indian Tantra methods that I could find. I read over 100 books and interviewed experts and listened to many courses. And as I learned some of these ancient secrets I discovered that everything I had thought about great sex was wrong.

My first discovery was the real shocker.

The big lie you hear from every “male enhancement” product

black couple1A lot of men are of a certain age, or they have had some ED or premature ejaculation issues.

They may not be the greatest physical shape.

I was in pretty good shape myself but I assumed that I needed to build up my stamina if I wanted to last longer.

I figured I lacked enough stamina. It’s all in your stamina, right? I needed more stamina.

There are a ton of “male enhancement” products out there and most of them promise “more stamina” or “superman stamina” or something similar.

And I found out that this is all wrong. This is a big LIE sold to you by the supplement and pill companies to convince men who don’t know better to buy their worthless products.

Many guys can lift heavy weights and run 5 miles and they can’t last 3 minutes in bed.

If lasting 30 minutes or more was a matter of stamina, these athletes would be supe studs. But they’re not. I have plenty of students who have used my information products who are in great physical shape.

They may be able to deadlift 400 pounds and run 5 or 10 miles but that doesn’t make them good in bed.

Stamina has nothing to do with lasting a long time or else you’d have to be a champion athlete to last and last.

Sex isn’t like lifting weights or running 5 miles.

Actually, lasting 30 minutes or more is a matter of learning a few simple tricks. Stamina has nothing to do with your ability to last. And any man can easily learn these tricks and last 30 minutes or more plus help his woman have multiple orgasms that are in her potential as a woman.


You can be any age, in almost any condition, and still last 30 minutes or more

1 (1)What I found out is that men like Joseph can be any age and practically any condition and still help their women to multiple orgasms and still last and last.

Why? Because we men are designed to last a long time but what keeps us back is simply that we don’t know these simple tricks.

And here’s a key: it isn’t our fault. We never were taught these tricks to lasting 30 minutes or more. We just picked up sex without conscious thought or teaching. So no wonder for most of us, we have not figured out this stuff.

We all learned sex from porn, or in the locker room, or from magazines.

Porn stars are a great example of what I’m talking about. What makes them perform almost on command, and last and last until the “money shot”? The answer is…

Simple tricks can make you last 30 minutes or more

shutterstock_97.06276133716.w600For example, I never knew that one easy way to avoid ejaculating was a simple facial expression during intercourse or receiving oral.

This simple facial expression lets me put off my ejaculation and lets me be more in control. This simple trick has nothing to do with more stamina. Learning that helped me immensely and any man can do it and learn it in seconds.

There are actually four separate easy tricks that you can do with your facial expression and they all make you last and last so you can help your woman have multiple orgasms and not cum too soon.

And what about going soft? If you last a long time, isn’t it more likely you won’t stay hard the entire time?

Another discovery was what happens during intercourse when I went a bit soft.

shutterstock_bestsexI had always dreaded going soft during intercourse as I thought that it would bring things to a halt. As a result, I tended to pump too much and move around too much. That was a lot of work!

All this pumping and thrusting actually hurts a guy’s performance. Here’s why.

Movement produces friction. And all this friction actually reduces sensitivity not just for the man but for the woman too.

You can prove that a lot of movement reduces sensitivity. It’s easy to prove if you care to try it.

The back of your hand is a sensitive area. Try rubbing the back of your hand with the other hand, hard and vigorously for 5 or 10 seconds. What happens? You feel heat, and it gets annoying.

Now, instead, apply very very little pressure and carress the back of your hand with the other hand. Go slow, and apply as little pressure as you can. Focus on the sensations. You’ll notice a lot of sensation that you didn’t get before with vigorous rubbing.

Men often masturbate with a heavy hand and often with no lotion. This results in their penis becoming desensitized. Ordinary intercourse doesn’t seem to apply the same pressure and doesn’t feel as good. In some cases men report they feel nothing at all when they’re inside a woman.

This is what is known as desensitization. And it is caused by excessive motion and pressure that the man uses to try to stay hard and avoid going soft.

The secret of greater pleasure and lasting a long time lays in reducing all that motion and using less pressure, less friction, and going slower.

The reduced motion and reduced friction lets both of you enjoy much more pleasure for a much longer period of time.

Again, this removes the need to have more stamina. It just isn’t necessary. And you start to feel a boatload of pleasure sensations that you haven’t ever felt with sex before.

It can take several months to become fully re-sensitized but the journey is a lot of fun and totally worth it. And you will never worry about going soft inside your woman.

That’s what happened to me. I regained my natural sensitivity (there are tricks to becoming fully sensitized again) and I stopped being afraid of going soft.

My penis would become softer and harder naturally, I found. Like the tides going in, going out, I would be rigid, then semi hard, then rigid, then a bit soft. Rather than being alarmed about it, I just started to notice it and meanwhile I was feeling incredible pleasure.

Now I knew the truth: Just because it went a bit soft didn’t mean things were over. I used a simple Taoist method I learned that involves focusing attention on a particular place in your body, and when you do that, your penis hardens up again naturally and you just keep going.

In fact, I found greater pleasure for me and my woman without a rigidly hard penis

images (14)And, these simple tricks work for any guy. No more stamina needed.

Once again a simple trick and once you know it, you can last and last no matter what your age, what medication you happen to have to take, or your physical condition.

At this point, something interesting happens in your life. I’ve shared my discoveries with many men and they mostly all say the same thing happens to them, as happened to me.

I found that since I could now please my woman so completely and thoroughly, she wanted to have sex a lot more often.

My woman went from “only on weekends” to frequently every day.

I had worried about having that “stamina” to keep up and keep it up until this amazing discovery I made. I could last and last, and she wanted sex frequently, and I could deliver!

I found a simple trick that let me have sex anytime, anywhere, no matter how recently I may have had sex.

I could always have intercourse, even if I had cum just a few minutes ago.

This was a simple trick that lets us come together in the most wonderful connection that a man and a woman can share, regardless of my old ideas of “being ready”.

And this works for guys with ED or premature ejaculation as it lets them have wonderful sex despite any difficulties.

Yes, you can have wonderful sex even if you can’t get an erection!

Wow, what a game changer this has been. No more worrying about my erection at all.

Young couple happy togetherAnd what probably helped me more than anything else to learn how to last was the wondrous transformation in my woman. The way she looked at me with loving eyes. The way she drank me in, the way she showed me how much she wanted me, how much she desired me.

I had always wanted my woman to want me more. What man doesn’t? But he level of wanting me seemed to have leveled off and fallen the longer we were together.

Being a real man means having your woman want you, desire you, really need you inside her.

And now I had that.

I found a whole new side to my woman when she would look at me with those adoring eyes and invite me in. What a sweet way to live, what a sweet success that was and is to this day.

Multiple orgasms for her — no matter how much “stamina” you have or don’t have!

Young couple playingThere are simple secrets that women themselves don’t know that let them have multiple orgasms consistently, even if they have difficulty orgasming.

I found out that the clitoris is not just a tiny little button but in fact goes deep inside a woman’s body and that if you know the spots you can get her aroused, build up her arousal and keep her going from one peak, down a bit, to the next peak.

You can get your woman into a state where she surfs from one orgasm to the next. Each one builds to the next. Each one can be greater and longer-lasting than the last one.

It’s all a simple knowledge of anatomy and a few easy tricks that any man with a mouth and tongue can master. No hard penis required – although using these tricks always gets me hard and leads to long sweet intercourse.

And this is another totally bogus piece of mis-information I found was totally untrue

The myth that women can’t cum vaginally with just your penis inside her

images (2)All those stupid mindless magazines and blogs claim that women can’t cum with “just” vaginal intercourse.

What nonsense.

A simple adjustment in your sexual position during intercourse delivers the right amount of sensation to her clitoris even when your penis is inside her.

You see, most women and men think the clitoris is this little “button” under the folds at the top of her vaginal opening.

But the truth is quite different.

Did you know that a woman’s clitoris is as long as a man’s penis? And that it extends in a fork shape to both sides of her vagina?

The part of the clitoris you see (sometimes) is but the tip of the iceberg. If you know a few simple adjustments to your intercourse positions, you can give her amazing pleasure and she can cum easily with vaginal penetration.

I find great joy when my woman cums this way. And now we have this all the time, when before it was a rare event.

This is not a subject that men will often discuss and nobody put the ideas that I discovered into practice or wrote it all down in one place. I realized I had to get the word out to men on how easy it is to last 30 minutes or more and deliver endless delicious arousal to their woman.

I began delivering these ideas to guys and the reports started to come back. And the result was, I decided to create videos of everything I discovered and make that available to men looking for the truth, the way to consciously have sex to please their woman for 30 minutes or more, every day if possible.

The teaching is delivered over several sessions and you get time to absorb and re-watch, and to ask questions and get answers.

This isn’t some dead home study course. This is a living, breathing class that is held on the web with confidentiality and privacy. You never need to talk or participate and there is no such thing as a bad grade.

You’ll love this format as it lets you get all the tricks and ideas out of it, and go through the class again and again as you grow and reach your sexual potential.

Here is what we’ll cover in this fascinating web class that I call Endless Arousal: A Man’s Guide To Lasting Thirty Minutes Or More
  • A three second trick that eliminates performance anxiety — this makes it easy to relax during sex and not worry about what may or may not happen — makes you a confident man again
  • The most profound way to win your woman’s undying love and intimacy you can imagine
  • A ten minute difference in how you shower and dress that will double your animal attractiveness — including a surprise ingredient you must seek out
  • This simple solo activity to practice at home that restores your sensitivity (and that is fun to do)
  • Case study: How to give your woman an earth shaking orgasm without touching her vagina
  • Case study: from pickup and disappointment, to great sex — this simple method almost makes performance a 100% certainty
  • Two simple ideas that let any man last 30 minutes or more — even though they are completely counter-intuitive and opposite to what almost every man thinks…but they often work in seconds
  • Five weird but simple tricks to avoiding ejaculation through simple facial expressions (yes these work as you’ll discover when you try them)
  • How to stop ejaculation using an ancient Chinese discovery, even if it seems too late — so you don’t go over the edge but instead last and last
  • Simple girl pleasing tricks of giving great oral sex with no studying required
  • How to avoid going soft even if you already went soft — this works in ANY situation
  • How to have “Superman Confidence” women can’t resist — even if you don’t feel confident
  • The three second brain trick you MUST use to regain your sensitivity and feel boatloads of pleasure you have never felt in your life before
  • The secret to total harmony and the deepest most intimate connection than you ever dreamed possible — works in a few days
  • A simple solo activity that discharges excess sexual energy so you can avoid ending sex with too-soon ejaculation
  • Even if you can’t deliver with your penis at the moment, for whatever reason, you can be a strikingly fantastic lover for her using this simple method
  • How to learn a woman’s masturbation secrets — how she touches herself and what she really wants from your mouth, tongue and fingers
  • How to get your woman to confide in you what she really fantasizes about — and ask you to help her there!
  • Secrets of the clit – finding it, using it, loving it — with seven clitoral arousal tricks that never fail to result in amazing orgasms
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All backed up by a full 60 day money back guarantee

If for any reason, or no reason, you decide that lasting 30 minutes or longer isn’t what you want, simply send us one email, or call us, and we will happily refund every dime of your money, no questions asked.

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