Beware this hidden testosterone killer

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There are two insights here.

#1 is you can FEEL your testosterone levels low…even if a blood test shows 400ng/mL – 1000ng/mL which is considered “Normal.”

Poor erections, difficulty with motivation, low energy levels. Belly fat is a HUGE indicator of testosterone being out of whack, especially if you can’t get rid of it…and so is difficulty getting results from workouts.

#2 insight is that it is often too much ESTROGEN that is the problem, but again, this isn’t always going to show up on a blood test (even if docs checked which they usually don’t.)

So many estrogen-mimicking chemicals are spilling into our bodies…laundry detergent is worst perhaps because we put it on our bodies. You can try an extra rinse cycle, which isn’t a bad idea, but there is a lot of detergent residue still remaining and that seeps into your skin and into your bloodstream.

Anything you put on your skin is being absorbed into your body. I am extremely careful and hope you are too…

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