• ED is caused by desensitization in almost all cases. This includes guys who have ED along with health isssues like diabetes. And young guys who are fit and healthy but have bad ED.
  • I discovered and perfected certain solo activities that can fix ED. You do them at home, privately, and they retrain your brain and your penis to talk better to one another.
  • You’ll do these simple activities step by step privately and discretely
  • Yes, this works just as well for single guys as for guys who are married or in a relationship
  • Is your prostate bad? Do you have diabetes? My system can help you
  • Also perfect for guys who are stuck in the porn trap who want to get away from porn and into their girlfriends or wives

How many modules do you get?

Each module is short, so the entire course can be reviewed in a few hours. They are broken down into modules so you can go through different ones again and again as you recover your sexual fulfillment and abilities


Module 1:

How to last 30 minutes, stay hard, and blow her mind


Module 2:

The secret to lasting 30 minutes explained


Module 3:

One great trick you can practice every day to have great erections


Module 4:

How to last a lot longer using breath and focus


Module 5:

How to have fantastic sex whenever you want


Module 6:

Keys to 30 minute sex


Module 7:

This simple little 5 minute technique can make you fearless in bed


Module 8:

How to increase passion and arousal whenever you want


Module 9:

Yes, practice this at home (here’s how)


big bang
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Check out these bonuses:


I produced a complete ebook that shows you COOKPROTOCOL_ECOVEReverything about the Cook Protocol and using it with Big Bang. You can read and study and it helps a lot of folks who prefer this to videos, or in addition to videos. It’s a PDF ebook you can instantly download and read.


I wrote a book that helps you with a big problem. cum with me ebook coverWhat if you have a strong sex drive, and she has a low one? This system helps you equalize your sex drive in days, and contributes to fantastic relationships. It often RAISES her lower drive (or yours). This is a PDF ebook you can instantly download and read.

bonus 3

I discovered a way to get immense pleasure in pleasure centering ebook coveryour whole body during sex, not just your penis. This is called Pleasure Centering, and I made it very simple to do and it’s all explained in this fascinating PDF ebook, Pleasure Centering. Yours to download in an instant PDF, never before explained and revealed for the first time as part of a bonus for you for trying out Big Bang.


audioAnd special unannounced bonus — a full set of audios!

You get ALL audios as well as videos…so you can listen in your car, while doing the dishes, or walking the dog (that is NOT a pun, LOL). I love the audios because I can listen anywhere on my phone with headphones. You’ll love them too!

And yet another unannounced bonus — fixing ED at home

Priceless audios help you through the step by step process. These have helped thousands of men get better sex than they ever thought possible.

What is the money back guarantee?

It’s simple. Try the entire Big Bang system for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied, or even if you are, and just want a refund, simply email my team at [email protected], or call us at 877-691-3328 (we have REAL people here to help you) and we’ll cheerfully give you every penny back, instantly and without questions.

Is this system going to really work?

The system has helped over 11,000 men. It will probably help you.

Every body is different but the real indicator is whether you are willing to take charge of your destiny, or just want to rely upon a pill that may or may not work.

The system uses proven science and is available nowhere else, the Cook Protocol.

the Cook Protocol

When can you expect results?


Some men get results in a week, others a month, others much longer. It will depend on factors such as:

1. Are you a porn user?

2. How old are you?

3. When did you start having these problems?

Is there an alternative that works instead of the Big Bang course and its Cook Protocol?



Take Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

Or use injections into your penis.

Or, just try waiting for it to get better.

None of these are very good. The problem generally gets worse and worse…and pills and injections are just temporary fixes that can make the long term problem even worse.

What should you do now?


Take advantage of our $1 trial offer. Try it out for a week, and then we’ll charge you $97 one time only. We may offer you other stuff that has a monthly associated with it, but this is a one-time purchase and there are NO monthly charges for the Big Bang course.


Big Bang
Register for our online workshop now – and get forever access to the entire digital program.just1usd

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Look what other men have to say about Big Bang — in their exact words (and nobody has been paid a penny for these testimonies)

I don’t think you are being to blunt or to honest at all but KNOW the drug companies would like you to go away.Min Be carefull! I hope you don’t just disappear someday!
I personally think that desensitization is such an important issue that I’m actually thinking about selling my Harley Superglide. At certain RPMs it stimulates my root just like a vibrator would, very pleasurable but also very desensitizing… I think.
I’ve been following your advice for maybe a month now and have been practicing Karezza for maybe two months. The member is working better then it ever has before. My wife, who says she doesn’t enjoy Karezza, is up for intercourse ANYTIME and has taken to seducing me if we go more then a day without having intercourse. This is very confusing but what the heck, it’s very wonderful too! I think the concept you teach regarding focusing on your self was a game changer for us. My wife is very generous and really knows how to give pleasure. Now I just relax into it and let her know what a delightful lover she is and how much I enjoy our sexual relationship and how happy I am with our new love life and her. She’s 55 and I’m 66. We’ve been together for 29 years. I can’t speak for her but my half of our love life is better than anything I’ve ever experienced before. So good that I feel guilty about feeling so happy! (People from Minnesota are like that)
We’ve been having intercourse every day for about a month, with only a few exceptions, often twice a day even though we both know Marnia Robinson advises that you don’t have intercourse every day. I am trying to get to every other day but our daily snuggling sessions often lead to intercourse in spite of our best intentions not to.
The sensitivity level of my penis is higher then it has ever been before and yes I get erections too just thinking about my wife. I don’t do any porn and don’t masterbate at all any more. I have also asked my wife to touch me VERY gently when she touches my penis, she has made penis touching into an art form, kind of like OM ing. Well, I guess I’ve taken up enough of your time telling you how wonderful my new found love life is. I’m looking forward to more of your classes, the few that I have seen so far have been life changers.
So keep up the good work Matt and I hope the drug companies don’t make your life miserable.
You and your group are a personification of the concept that ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’. Bruce from Minnesota.
PS, I should add that I walk an hour a day and do machine workouts at a local gym 3 times a week. I think this might be pumping my testosterone levels up a little. I do this because I have high blood pressure, have had it since my early 20’s. The hour I spend walking most days does more to keep my BP down then anything else including meds.

Minnesota Senior


Thanks again
Zak from
Trinidad and Tobago

This is…I have to admit the best advice and understanding of what has happened in my marriage thus far…
I’ve been to three different therapists/counselors over the past three years…and nothing. This is the first time I’ve heard and seen and relished what I’ve been doing wrong in my marriage. The first time I’ve ever heard something that makes sense as to what happened to my wife and why she wanted to cheat on me with a guy in her office…and also I understand how come it took so long for her to get to that stage. But once she got there…and all the right elements were in place, it was easy for her to be attracted to someone else.
I realize that I’m a true combination of all those “pain patterns” you’ve described…but I’m probably mainly a “nice blamer” ….lol
Anyway…I REALLY can’t say that this can save my marriage…but I DEFINITELY think it can save me….
So I just want to thank you…
On that note… I’m part of the Big Bang/Maverick Man courses…and I recall seeing an audio file for Inner Animal Level 4 but I don’t see it on the site anymore… Did I miss it? Was it removed or renamed? The last thing I saw was the “How any woman can be multi-orgasmic (as told under hypnotic trance)” interview.
I’m just making sure that I’m up to date and haven’t missed anything. Your advice is golden on a self improvement level…and the relationship improving level.


I have used your system for about 3 weeks, and am already seeing great results. I dropped the porn entirely. It is apparent to me that this has been a real problem for some time, even though I thought that my use of it seemed to be limited. Probably not.

Now I am getting pretty regular erections in the AM. So, now, based upon one of your video workshops, I have also taken to using a sesame oil to masturbate when I get these erections. Using this method, I can get a very strong erection that can last 30 minutes. This is great, of course, but now I am wanting to do this regularly. I don’t ejaculate, but work to make sure that I don’t. When I think that I will come, I just stop and let the erection shrink. I also do a lot of the Kegel exercises during the day.
Am I doing the right thing here? Although I get these amazing erections, I still have this nagging anxiety that this won’t go as planned when I get a woman in bed. Some advice please.



Big Bang
Register for our online workshop now – and get forever access to the entire digital program.just1usd

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Our Guarantees to You!

privacy guaranteedPrivacy and Confidentiality Guarantee!

1. We never share your information with anyone outside our company.

2. Everything including your name, email and personal information is treated as sacred.


We are so confident The COMMAND CODE will surprise, delight and amaze you… that we want to take ALL the risk so you have NO RISK.

Feel free to try the product out on us, with our NO QUESTIONS ASKED NO RISK 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason or no reason, we will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved with our product! You have a full generous 60 days to try it out…

I purchased Matt’s program and that’s all I needed. These exercises really work. I have no problem getting hard now and can have sex any time my partner wants to. I’m 55 about to turn 56. I was married for 8 years to a woman who hated sex. She had no sex drive and her a lot of atrophy in her vagina that caused very painful intercourse. I am divorced now for almost 2 years and after going so long just masterbating, I had lost the ability to get an erection with a woman. This was very embarresing and did not realize it until I tried to have sex after my divorce. I used to take a pill, which was very expensive and worked a little bit. I haven’t had to take a pill for almost 3 months now. I can perform again like I could 20 years ago.



Thanks Matt
–Perrin H

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