Viagra Doesn’t Fix These Hidden Causes of ED

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Viagra Doesn't Fix These Hidden Causes of ED

By: Matt Cook, Co-Founder

eating pillsI’ve helped over 16,264 men recover from erectile dysfunction after I discovered that I was getting all the wrong advice from well-meaning so-called experts.

No wonder my ED kept getting worse.

Here are three hidden causes of ED that nobody ever told me about...

I have found that ED is caused by desensitization.

Health problems make it worse, but don’t cause ED. ED results from a communication problem between brain and penis, and it takes place chiefly in the brain, not the penis.

Drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work by mechanically keeping the erection from going down. They don’t do anything to fix the cause of ED, which is desensitization.

What causes desensitization? Here are the 3 most common reasons why men get erectile dysfunction

There are three hidden causes that are most common.

1is poor masturbation habits. Men were never told how to masturbate, and many if not most men masturbate in a way that causes further desensitization.

shutterstock-male-masturbationFor instance, the death grip desensitizes the penis through overly aggressive manual stimulation that leaves the brain “wanting more” when real live intercourse is called for with a partner.

Other masturbation habits such as certain fantasies also make desensitization worse.

1cause of desensitization is the vast number of sexual triggers that men encounter all day through our “Corporate Media” culture.

shutterstock_87535027_360Through no fault of their own, men are subject to endless sexual triggers in ads, photos, Facebook, TV and movies.

These result in a constant stimulus of hormones dopamine and sex hormones that have far reaching effects. They bathe a man’s brain in these hormones all day, so that real sex can’t match the effects.

1 cause of desensitization is health problems that contribute to low levels of testosterone, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and low levels of Oxytocin.

OXYTOCIN-FACTOROxytocin levels should be high for men to have long-lasting, good quality erections and the sense of connection that is so important to sexual satisfaction.

Health problems can decrease Oxytocin and cause the stress hormones to predominate in a man’s system. The constant stress (again no fault of a guy’s) cause the brain to lose further sensitivity when it comes to real sex.

This tends to get worse and worse as a guy gets older, but young guys suffer this too. In fact young guys sometimes get it worse.

And note that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra do not address the true underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. And often, men taking these ED medications continue to experience further desensitization and eventually the pills don’t work.


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